The Morning Pattern / Trying to leave the house.


I wanted to write about how the chaos of the days unfolds to let you know your’re not alone in the morning battle / struggle / rude awakening of switching on to parenting – no snooze button for that one.

In our house we are early risers, as in before the birds and before the sun! usually its 5:30-6:00am like clock work. Sometimes a sleep in can occur but this is rare, usually Mr 5 yr old wakes up first, he will then wake up Mr 3 who does love a sleep in.

Personally, I usually am not ready to start the day THAT early after getting back from the city way past my bed time. (for work – not for social purposes) So Luke gets up, luckily we are able to share the load of parenting, but unfortunately for him I am not the best in the morning and in his words he will cop a few sharp comments but once I have the espresso brewing on the stovetop I can slightly calm but to be honest its not until I have a coffee I return to a functioning human again, it happens to the best of us.

Time to get the lunch done: I will proceed to repeat myself about 10 times about not letting anyone eat the food I am trying to put in a lunch box, while continuing to make endless pieces of toast, because two pieces each just isn’t enough per person.

To be honest, making a lunch box is fun, a little creative moment in the morning. A bento box full of surprises, he never knows what’s going to be in there. (I even have an adult one for myself and I get the same effect of excitement and I know what is in it)

I will then be a fun buster, stop the wrestling and get three small humans organised.  Somehow get myself together to a presentable standard while attempting to not wear lycra leggings on a daily basis (I hope leopard print leggings are passable) to get in the car by 07:50, its a process but I am to get them all in by 0750am for an 0800am departure for the school.

Then half an hour of down time to get to school, I put on a Spotify playlist, Happy Indie is heavy on our rotation at the moment and its a good start to the morning, once MGMT randomly came on I had these flashbacks of BC (before children) of when I was actually out of the house after 7pm and have a little rock out in the car while three stunned faces look on. I will usually drive along the Esplanade because why not do a little wave check first thing in the morning, a little mindfulness never hurt anyone on the way to school.

If there a small ripple in the bowl I quickly let the other murfers know about the waves and try and organise something. (which never seems to eventuate).

Then we arrive. Now getting from the VAN to the classroom does have its challenges, large cars and distracted children, a recipe for disaster. I have now streamlined this by letting one skate or scooter through the school, it also means I am not hustling them across and I have found its a lot quicker. A little morning WIN.

Arrive in classroom and usually I will loose a child, it does happen to the best of us – as I have found out it doesn’t happen to everyone. So if this is you too, you’re not alone!

But not to worry they do reappear quickly.

I do not know how some people just have it together all calm but I am in awe of these people. I am not one of them.

We manage to leave and get back to the car safely, ready for the day of the next activities.




First post!

So I have been thinking of starting a little blog for a while as an insight to our beautiful crazy world of raising three boys by the sea. I was even more inspired after reading about the Byron Bay Mums and the “Utopia” which social media has created, I then realised I believe this could be created anywhere and its the outlook on life which can create this feeling.

I do believe the Mid Coast of SA has its own little “Utopia” especially when small waves are lighting up the reef breaks on a summers day! But to be real unfortunately I do not have a bunch of mum friends to go surfing with to post all over instagram and its a lot of work to organise! But I enjoy sneaking in waves and beach trips with other friends and their families (we need the husbands on the beach) when the planets align and we can all make it down.

The beauty of the Mid Coast which is located on the Fleurieu Peninsula is that we have everything out our doorstep. Beautiful beaches, wineries, bakeries and my favourite little coffee shop. We can walk the double pram and children on bikes safely and can get to the beach very quickly.

A little about me: I am married with three kids. Before I was organising a chaotic house I was a person who enjoyed surfing, swimming, free time, avocado toasties, quick weekends away with the husband and little did I know I actually looked good in a bikini. These days I get excited when nappies are on sale,  getting to school on time and doing the food shop alone.

We got married in 2014 in Bali on the cliff tops overlooking the beautiful Uluwatu Beach, we also have three team members each born two years apart: 2014, 2016 and 2018. So basically three babies in 4 years and now that it is 2019 and the eldest it 5 1/2 I no longer have three under 5.

We like to think of  different ways of making the daily grind enjoyable. Please enjoy my thoughts and tips of managing the chaos and of course living the “Utopia” on the Mid Coast of SA.